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starting a series of fairytales! But told in my own way So here’s the first one about a princess who only wanted to have her outside match her inside.

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Welcoming people [into the trans community] who otherwise might have been able to get by in a cis identity weakens the ideology of cisness, not the ideology of transness.

It’s saying, “we can do things for these people that you cannot because of your narrow ideas of gender.” It’s saying, “these are our people to cherish, not your people to shame.

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hey heres a thing: if you feel like u r unhappy w yr gender and you wish trans was a thing for you but yr not brave enough for that, guess what yr trans its cool its for u

bravery isnt something you feel like you have before the fact, bravery is something people tell you that you have afterwards when they want you to feel good about all the shit they put you through

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Hey trans friends esp. trans women!!! In case you didn’t know, Starbucks has insurance that includes a transition budget. So if you’re someone like me n my BFF who probably will never get jobs at the fancier companies like Apple who have similar insurance, this could be a super helpful option maybe? I just a want all y’all to have all the information so you can get the care you deserve. Kisses!!!

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Support and defend nonbinary teenagers who are exploring their gender.

Do not put the burden of cis ignorance and misunderstanding on their shoulders. Nonbinary kids creating new words and new pronouns are NOT responsible for cis people’s transphobia.

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congressmen who bar truscum from lifesaving medical treatment to alleviate dysphoria do not have tumblrs and are not withholding this medical treatment because a 14 y/o calls themself a bun pronoun

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Other parts of ancient Eurasia had traditions of third-gender spirit-people. Herodotus and Hippocrates both discuss the “enarees”, or male-to-female transsexual shamans among the ancient Scythians, who “mutilated” their genitalia and took on female roles. They were said to be the most powerful shamans of their people. Ovid actually claimed that some Scythian priestesses knew how to extract “female poison” distilled from the urine of a mare in heat, with which to dose men in order to feminize them. The average person might throw this off as silliness, if they didn’t know that pregnant mare’s urine is the main source of Premarin, the most widely used estrogen drug today. They also ate a lot of licorice root - so popular among them that the Greeks to whom they exported it referred to it as “the Scythian root” - which is also an anti-androgen.

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I love trans history!

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I would FUCKING LOVE to see a comprehensive trans history book, that especially covered the history of HRT, I’ve always had questions but never really had answers!

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especially after YEARS of our HISTORY BEING ERASED and pushed under the rug to make cis people comfortable, and say that “trans people id a modern thing” to be able to show up and take out a history book and be like BOOM shut the hell up.

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Transgender Warriors, by Leslie Feinberg.

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I have quite a bit of makeup that I don’t wear because it’s too light for me. Some of it is technically used because I tried it out once and it didn’t work for me. I don’t want to throw it away and I don’t want to do a giveaway so if any of my followers who are trans and relatively light skinned are in need of makeup let me know and I can send it to you.

Like I said some, not all of it, is technically used so if you don’t mind that my fingers touched the pump… I could sanitize it for you if you want. I’ll even send photos of me sanitizing it?  

Some of it is powder, some not. I also have some eyeshadow that have never been used. I can upload photos if you want.

I just don’t have any need for it. My boyfriend has a personal shopper for work who also likes to buy me shit but apparently thinks I have no pigment in my skin. Soooo I guess just inbox me. I’ll see if I can take photos tomorrow night and upload them so you know what I have….

Reblog or send your friends my way. Its taking up valuable space in my makeup box. 

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reminder: please do not refer to acts of transmisogyny as simply transphobic.

lol if you’re cafab don’t just “like” this post, friking reblog it like what do you have to lose

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Long time no post, huh?

I’ve been mulling over something that’s really been bothering me, and I want to give vent to it.

I want to be able to question myself.  I want to be able to do so publicly and without people assuming that just because I question myself means I’m also questioning them.  Certainly I’m also looking at others and evaluating their actions and words based on my own life context, but it seems to be a common theme in trans spaces that if a transgender person questions themselves and their identity, that somehow that is wrong and terrible and they need to be either ejected or brought back into the fold of people who are rigidly sure about everything and can present a unified front.

I really feel that this is the wrong way to go about things.

The entire essence of human nature is to question.  We’re curious animals who constantly evaluate and reevaluate everything around us and make decisions based on our changing understanding of ourselves and the world around us.  It’s how we’ve survived, and how we continue to survive, and how we will keep on surviving in the future.

Why are we, as transgender people, categorically denied this, not just by cisgender people, but people in our own community?

I realize that cis society denies us this as a form of dehumanization, because we are not meant to question things as humans do, but there is this strange feeling in the overall trans ocean of thought that if one questions themselves beyond coming out, somehow they are sick and wrong and mocking everything that being trans stands for.

But we’re human.  We’re SUPPOSED to question things, even ourselves.

So why are we forcing ourselves into rigid categories of non-questioning that only serve to dehumanize us?

Not to mention coming down hard on people who admit they may not be 100% certain and want to explore their identity and sense of self more fully.

This movement, this embracing of transgender identity, is ostensibly meant to be about coming to terms with yourself and finding a way to be comfortable with who and what you are as a human being, and we’ve strayed very far from this goal.  It’s saddening and I think it will wind up in a dead end if we continue in this manner much longer.

There is so little space for fluidity and reevaluation.

We are ultimately an adaptable, changeable species.  We survive by changing our modes of thought in relation to the environment and our sense of self, as well as our perception of ourselves and our identity.  We change our behavior based on what we discover in our questioning, and those changes not only allow us to survive, but flourish.

Removing this removes our ability to function as humans.

So why do we do this?  Why are we so obsessed with “how to properly be trans” when every person has a different sense of self, a different sense of identity, and a different way of adapting to their physical, emotional, and (what some might call) spiritual environment?

Why are we encouraging our members to become antithesis to the essence of humanity?

Why are we actively destroying that part of us that makes us human?

A great many people familiar with the trans* community may have heard of hijras, a concept of gender that exists within South Asia. A great many usually white trans* people have called hijra’s “trans*” or put them under the trans* label. Regardless of their intention, to take the epistemology of “trans*” and apply it to something like the hijra can be seen as an oppressive or colonising act. The hijra are hijra. That is their name. Unless a hijra specifically identifies as transgender or trans*, applying our own concepts of gender and sexuality constructed within white supremacist cultures to people outside of our epistemological framework is redefining them on our own terms for our own benefit. Another instance of where this occurs is within the American/Canadian indigenous or native concept of two spirit, which is in and of itself an umbrella term for multiple tribal concepts of third or mixed gender roles. The definition not only differs from tribe to tribe, but in many cases applying the white concept of gender toward two spirit people, again, becomes an act of oppression and colonisation. Especially when, without any indigenous or native background, white people adopt the identification mantle of “two spirit”.
Boldlygo, Gender Abolition as Colonisation: Defining “Gender” (via angrywomenofcolorunited)

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transphobic people will say “just because you fit the stereotypes of that gender doesn’t make you that gender” in one breath and “you don’t fit the stereotypes of that gender well enough to identify as that gender” in the next i give up i fucking give up

trans people are never “good enough” at being ourselves to be considered worthy of basic human respect, pretty much



We’re very proud to present our first collaboration with the amazing people at the TSER ( 
A BIG thank you to Eli, Landyn, Alex and Ethan for this awesome work.
Knowledge is power. Learn more about your rights as a student - visit You can also get more information from the ACLU’s “Know Your Rights: A Guide for Trans and Gender Nonconforming Students” (
Check out the TSER on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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We’re very proud to present our first collaboration with the amazing people at the TSER ( 

A BIG thank you to Eli, Landyn, Alex and Ethan for this awesome work.

Knowledge is power. Learn more about your rights as a student - visit You can also get more information from the ACLU’s “Know Your Rights: A Guide for Trans and Gender Nonconforming Students” (

Check out the TSER on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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