if you know a lot about feminist history hit me up cos i want to talk to you about maybe Starting A Thing

like today i was sitting on my ass watching antiques roadshow and doodling up a tattoo as you do and i was like holy fuck

there are people out there who don’t know about shit like

  • the triangle shirtwaist fire and subsequent bread and roses strikes
  • etruscan women and how badass they were
  • the women’s lib movement
  • suffragettes
  • emma goldman
  • wimmin’s comix and the underground feminist comix movement

and other awesome things Of That Ilk

so like i said hit up my ask or submit and i will give you my email or aim so maybe we can c’mon get happy and do a fuckyeahfeministhistory blog since feminist history is the best history

we can even make forays into things like gender nonconformity and queer issues and other beautiful things and even show how various feminists have Not Always Been Awesome People All The Time or the various problematic bits of past movements since that’s stuff you should know and it’s not all like rainbows and unicorns and puppy farts 24/7 or whatever

so uh

hit me up

i wanna talk to you

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