so hey tumbly check out what i survived

im really gonna miss this fuckin car, i hope insurance gives us a decent amount for it and lets us keep the $300 worth of new tires on him cos those fuckers made it hard to pay the mortgage last month

anyhow im still sittin on my ass waitin for douchefuck mcgraw to subpoena me and try and convince me that somehow stop signs dont apply to him and this was totally all my fault for driving like a sane rational human being and expecting people to stop at stop signs instead of just pullin out onto MAJOR FUCKIN ROADS WITHOUT LOOKIN

at least my medical bills for everything post-crash seems to be covered atm which is good cos my back is hella fucked up

  1. whatevertron said: Holy shit, I’m glad you’re ok. o_o
  2. averyfineline said: Shiiiiiiit. I’m really glad you’re okay, that looks like what my wreck last year would’ve been if I hadn’t swerved. And yeah won’t surprise me if he’s a douche about it, be prepared for bogus medical claims too.
  3. yarnzipangirl said: ACK. I’m glad you’re okay enough to be posting on Tumblr.
  4. ohnoproblems said: Solidarity Like. fuck car crashes they are the worst
  5. fictionspacecowboy said: jfc vermouth i hope yer alright
  6. cornerof5thandvermouth posted this
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