plus there’s a huge shortage of add/adhd meds right now and nobody is taking it seriously

i fully lay the blame on people without add/adhd using it during finals as well as the people who are selling it to them

of course you’re getting more done IT’S GODDAMN SPEED YOU FUCKSTICKS

now stop fuckin using up the medication i need to exist as a normal goddamn member of society


like as soon as anyone at my school ever finds out i’m on add meds of course they immediately goddamn offer to buy some off me



i need this to function

what part of “my brain literally does not work without this drug” do you dipshits not goddamn understand

but no it’s not “a real disability” and of course i’m not reduced to a wibbling mess of goo when not medicated i’m just monkey cheese lol! bacon tacos i love this show hey wanna go ride bikes!!!! because it’s just random shit and not actually affecting my quality of life no sirree i can totally snap out of it any time i like!!!!



anyone who doesn’t have this shit is literally not allowed to pass judgement

and to the people out there who insist that it’s not a real thing and we’re just !!!STIFLING CHILDRENS CREATIVITY!!!

i would love for you to spend a day in my head while i’m unmedicated

i guarantee you would never ever fuckin say taht shit again




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