oh hey fibergeek shit nobody cares about

this christmas i got a big bag of grey romney roving (as well as various yarns) and i finally spun a little bit up

holy shit

talk about easy to spin

admittedly i’m spinning in the grease which for me is a fuckload easier since i am a lazy ass and like to make the wool do all the work for me also i like how soft it makes my hands

but damn son

i have never been able to spin thin before in my life

i am king super bulky

this shit spun nice and thin for me and then doubled as easy as you could please into basically worsted weight

the color is a lot cleaner as a yarn too since the roving itself has a bit of a brown tinge but the yarn itself is a nice cool gray in the light

haven’t done any swatches yet but man this looks nice and easy to knit up too

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